A corpus of 700 letters received by Barbu Brezianu has been catalogued and scanned. Among his correspondents are art historians such as Sidney Geist, Ionel Jianu, Herbert Read, Friedrich Teja Bach, George Oprescu, Margit Rowell, Eric Shanes, Pierre Vaisse, Doina Lemny, Udo Kultermann, Corrado Maltese, Athena Tacha Spear, Eduard Trier or Nora Eliasberg, artists such as Isamu Noguchi, Irina Codreanu-King, Natalia Dumitrescu, Alexandru Istrati or Constantin Antonovici and other persons related to Brancusi.

The scanned letters are available only at the Institute of Art History. An annotated edition of the letters received from the art historian Ionel Jianu will be published in 2014.
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Letters sent by Barbu Brezianu.
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