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Adrian-Silvan Ionescu, “Preaiubiti parinti…- impresii din America in corespondenta lui Carol Stork 1877-1880” (My dearest parents… impressions from America in the letters of Carol Storck 1877-1880), presentation at the commemorative conference “Stefan Luchian si epoca sa”, Romanian Academy, June 28th, 2016

“Retorica si memorie. Sculptura romaneasca de for public” (Rhetoric and Memory. The Romanian public sculpture) , May 31st, 2016. Participants: Ruxanda Beldiman, Irina Carabas, Virginia Barbu, Olivia Nitis, Adrian Guta (National University of the Arts, Bucharest), MarilenaPreda-Sanc (artist, National University of the Arts, Bucharest), IonelIstoc (sculptor, Bucharest), AlinCiupala (scientific secretary, Institute of Art History “G. Oprescu”).


The Wednesday Meetings organized by The Institute of Art History “G. Oprescu”:

Olivia Nitis, Irina Carabas, “About editing and publishing the volume “After Brancusi”, April 29, 2015

Irina Carabas-Olaru: Barbu Brezianu and  the avant-garde scholarship

Virginia Barbu: Out of the correspondence of Barbu Brezianu

RuxandaBeldiman: Pages of history of Institute’s Department of modern art (BarbuBrezianu’s activity within the Institute) 

Olivia Nitis: Barbu Brezianu archive and the contemporary art archive

Corina Teaca: Theodor Pallady in Barbu Brezianu archive

September 2016

Virginia Barbu, Corina Teacă, Launching the volume Mărturiile toamnei. Corespondență Ionel Jianu – Barbu Brezianu, Ed. UNARTE, 2016


30 aprilie Întâlnirile de miercuri, Institutul de Istoria Artei „G.Oprescu”

Ioana Vlasiu, Din corespondența lui Barbu Brezianu. Scrisorile istoricului de artă Friedrich Teja Bach

Corina Teacă, Pe marginea monografiei N.N.Tonitza de Barbu Brezianu 

Conference of the project “The Saint of Montparnasse” from Document to Myth. A Century of Constantin Brancusi Scholarship.  

Period: 4th-6th October 2013 
Organizer: Institute of Art History “G.Oprescu” of the Romanian Academy in partnership with the National University of Arts, Bucharest

After having experienced the shock of modernity, sculpture has not held a steady definition. Its status within the contemporary art system is highly divided and challenged today. “What is sculpture?” More than ever, this question does not meet an unequivocal answer. In spite of the seemingly endless process of transformations underwent by sculpture, Constantin Brancusi and his work have continued to rise interest among scholars and to pervade the imagination of artists. 
The history of sculpture of the 20th century retains Brancusi as one of its leading heroes due to the unforeseen openings that his art production has made available for his posterity. The Institute of Art History in Bucharest had the honor of receiving in 2008 the donation of the art historian Barbu Brezianu, a distinguished scholar of Brancusi’s work. 

This donation consists in his art library, centered primarily on 20th century sculpture, more than three hundred documentary files, and a rich correspondence with numerous foreign and Romanian art historians. This valuable archive is being now organized and researched due to a project funded by the National Research Council. The conference of the project will examine the effects of Brancusi’s work on modern and contemporary sculpture/discourse on sculpture as well as strategies, approaches, debates that underpin its status during the 20th and 21st centuries. 

 See conference program here
See abstracts here

February 27 - Bucharest, Art History Institute “G. Oprescu”

Wednesday meetings - Ioana Vlasiu, „From the archive of Barbu Brezianu. Correspondence of Barbu Brezianu with the art historian Eric Shanes”; Corina Teacă, „Correspondence with the Thames and Hudson publishing house”

March 17 - Târgu Jiu
The Brâncușiana symposia, Ioana Vlasiu, Centre of Brâncuși, studies presented the paper: „Barbu Brezianu – A project of the Art History Institute G. Oprescu”

June 26 - Art History Institute “G. Oprescu”

Wednesday meetings – Olivia Nițiș: „Brâncuși and His Correspondence: Documentary Importance”; Virginia Barbu: „George Enescu in Barbu Brezianu Archive”; Ruxanda Beldiman: „Barbu Brezianu’s Documentation on His Book about Nicolae Grigorescu”


February 16 – Bucharest, the Romanian Academy

The conference: “Constantin Brâncuși – New documentary highlights”; Ioana Vlasiu, Centre for Brâncuși Studies presented the paper: “Barbu Brezianu”- A Project of the Art History Institute “G. Oprescu”

June 12-22 - Paris France

Documentary trip to Paris by Virginia Barbu, Ruxanda Beldiman and Corina Teacă. Researches and inquiries were made in the following institutions: Musée National d’art Moderne – Centre Georges Pompidou; Musée Gustave Moreau, Musée de l’Orangerie, Musée de la vie romantique; the Brâncuși archives at the Biblioteque Kandinsky containing part of Brâncuși’s correspondence to the intellectual milieu he attended, his friendships, his connections to art collectors, the exhibitions  etc; the Bourdelle archive at the Musée Bourdelle, especially the letters addressed tot Bourdelle, the French sculptor, by his Romanian  admirers, among them Anastase Simu the museum founder, or his Romanian pupils.

October 31 – Bucharest, National University of Art

“Brâncuși – film, photography” workshop - organized by the Art HistoryInstitute “G. Oprescu” together with National University of Art, organizer and participants: Ioana Vlasiu, Elena Dumitrescu, Irina Cărăbaș, Virginia Barbu, Alexandra Croitoru, Olivia Nițiș, Corina Teacă, Ruxanda Beldiman.

November - Bucharest, National Radio broadcasting

November 11 - “Brâncuși – film, photography” workshop - was promoted and presented by Olivia Nițiș at “Porția de artă”, for “Cu minte de duminică” show, editor Andreea Ionescu

November 22 - Art History Institute “G. Oprescu”– Doina Lemny, Musée d’Art Moderne – Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris presented her conference on: “Brâncuși our Contemporary”


September 7-10, Canterbury University

Irina Cărăbaș, „The Wooden Avant-Garde ad the Reception of Brancusi in Romania”, paper presented at the third conference of the European Network for Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies (EAM), Material Meanings. Also at the same conference, Irina Cărăbaș was chairman of a panel discussing conditions and forms of existence of the Avant-Garde in the 1960 in Romania („Elusive Avant-Garde. Materials, Practices, Connections in Post-War Romania”)


October – Bucharest, Art History Institute “G. Oprescu”

Meeting with professionals in documenting and archiving from the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Adriana Oprea, Magda Predescu) and from the Institute of Art history “G. Oprescu (Maria Anghelescu, Marina Aposteanu, Antoaneta Alexandru) in order to analyze solutions on archive organizing for the archive of art historian Barbu Brezeanu. There were also discussions on the method to use and also given examples for similar archives kept in important institutions from France and the USA (the archive of the art historian Ionel Jianou, of the Archives de l’art contemporain de Rennes and the Sidney Geist archive at the MOMA Museum of Modern Art in New York, both among Barbu Breazianu’s correspondents).

November - Bucharest, Art History Institute “G. Oprescu”

Public presentation of the project in presence of the director of the Institute and most of the researchers. The project director and some members of the team presented the main goals, as well as their individual tasks.

December 4 – Bucharest, National Radio broadcasting

Ioana Vlasiu was interviewed by Olivia Nițiș for “Porția de artă”, for “Cu minte de duminică” show, editor Andreea Ionescu